Early Thoughts on Daisy Jones & The Six

Daisy Jones & The Six: A Novel

Daisy Jones & The Six: A Novel

As you would probably expect, I’m primarily a sci-fi/fantasy fiction reader, albeit with a healthy side of classic noir, but when it comes to audio books, I tend to be a bit more open to other genres. I am mostly listening when I’m commuting to and from work, so anything that takes my mind off of the traffic is a positive.

My latest foray into contemporary fiction is Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Normally, I’d wait until I’ve finished a book before giving it a review, but I’m going to stray a bit here and put some thoughts down.

This book is very enjoyable and I’d probably say that, so far, it’s a better than average to good novel, but it’s a great audio book.

Daisy Jones & The Six, is the fictional account of a 1970’s era rock group and fans of A Star is Born, will find a lot to love here. The real selling point though, is the narrative device. The whole story is told through the first hand accounts of the people involved in the form of interviews and articles. A lot like a modern epistolary novel, replacing letters with audio recordings. As such, this book was tailor-made to be an audio book.

The producers went all in and cast a different narrator for each of the book’s characters and it works so well, you’d swear you were listening to an episode of VH1’s Behind the Music.

Taylor Jenkins Reid has done a fantastic job of giving each character a distinct personality and it’s pretty masterful how accounts of events differ from each character as they see things from their point of view, just like in real life.

Ultimately, I don’t know where this will rank when I’ve finished it, but thus far, I’m really enjoying the journey.

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